So, you may not live near me. Problem solved, I do long distance coaching! About half of my clients aren't local, but they are exercising consistently and getting great results through my long distance coaching program! 

My long distance coaching program works like this: 

After an initial phone consultation, I set you up with a workout schedule.  This includes original progressive workouts, complete with instructional videos and printable hard copies for you to put into your workout binder. Every week, we will have a "check-in" conversation, in which we will discuss the previous week's workout schedule, how you did with it, what worked, what didn't, etc. I check in at least once per week with a text message, and you are welcome to text/email/call with any questions.  I always take your current lifestyle into consideration, and aim to keep everything as streamlined as possible. Included in this service is nutrition, lifestyle and mindset coaching. Everything is highly personalized, and I am committed to providing the best service possible.

My main goal with this program is to enable you to have the benefit of a personal trainer without the commitment of having to actually go see someone. This works well for someone who is fairly self motivated but could use some accountability and direction. 

Here is what one of my long distance clients have said about the benefits of my services:

"I have been working with Susannah long distance for about 2 months.  At the time I started, I was hyper-aware that my bad habits and inadequate(or non-existent) self-care practices were adding up to an unhealthy lifestyle but didn’t have the confidence, discipline or focus to tackle it by myself.  During our first call Susannah and I identified all of the issues that needed to be addressed and came up with an initial plan of action.  She has the ability to evaluate how much support each individual needs from her to reach their goals and can sense when you may be struggling and need a little extra attention to help get you back on track.  I personally benefit greatly from being held accountable so I get daily check ins and sometimes more.  Aside from the daily texts and weekly phone call check ins Susannah has also turned me on to helpful apps, inspiring podcasts, great books, links to her own training videos, healthy recipes, personal development blogs and the list goes on.  These resources have also been hugely beneficial in learning how to live healthier and staying motivated.

 Now here I am two months later and am working out and meditating regularly, learning to cook and living more consciously in general.  My anxiety is down, focus is sharper, mood is more stable and overall outlook is bright.  Oh, and I’ve lost nearly ten pounds.  All of these new, healthy habits are still quite new to me and I do still get frustrated or slip here and there but always have Susannah to check in with so that I can be sure I am consistently moving towards the goals that we initially set.  I cannot express enough how critical the work she does has been to my making the progress I have in these last couple months."   

If you have any questions about this service, or would like to set up a consultation, please contact me via phone/text: 541.848.2916 or e-mail: I look forward to working with you!