This is my story~how I got to where I am at, and what has influenced my philosophy and the way I train. 

My handsome husband, Kenny, and I. We have been married for 15 years!

My youngest son, Jax. He's of the most creative people I've ever met.
He was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes almost three years ago. 

My older son, Micah...he's 13. Aaaaaand....a little bit of a goofball. He's a great kid!

The two dogs in the middle are ours...Charlie, the diabetic alert dog in training, and Bear, the gentle giant. Kai, the Corgi, and Murphy, the other Newf are their cousins. :)

Growing up, I was NOT athletic. The opposite, actually. I really hated anything that involved moving my body. It wasn't until after I had my second son, that I decided I should probably do something about the baby weight. At that time, we were living in Southern California. 

I joined an all women's gym, and taught myself how to workout. After a few months, I had become a little more serious about this fitness thing, so I decided to join a Gold's Gym. It was a whole new world I didn't know existed! REALLY fit people everywhere! I decided I wanted to be one, too, so I started working harder. The results came fast. (I was young~25) I became hooked on the changes, and worked even harder. Twice a day! Every day!! I decided I wanted to be a personal trainer. It seemed pretty glamorous. So, I studied and got my certification from NASM. 

Then, we moved to Bend, Oregon.

I started training in a gym in December 2007. I was still working out really hard. But, things started to feel not-quite-right. Knee pain, and a strange pain down the backs of my legs. I kept at the workouts, afraid that if I didn't, I would lose the progress I had made. 

Life got really stressful, and I started having a really unhealthy relationship with food, and was trying to make up for it with extra hard exercise. Pain got worse. (Surprise, surprise!!!)

This was a very damaging cycle I was caught in for about 4 years. Over this time, I clawed my way out of the deepest part of my disordered eating, and started to lay off the extreme exercise in an attempt to lessen the pain. It subsided somewhat, and I got more healthy mentally as I came to grips with the fact that I wasn't able to go as hard as I "thought I should be able to" all the time.

Fast forward a few years....I have been training in my own studio for 8 years now, helping my clients develop healthier habits and commit to exercising consistently. I have started thinking about exercise as a way to keep my body healthy instead of a way to manipulate it into the way I wanted it to look. I have done a lot of personal work around the way that I sought approval for the way I looked, and have gotten away from that now as I strive to have a healthy relationship with food and exercise.

We re-located to my home town of Corvallis in late 2014, and I started up my practice here, in my beautiful in-home studio. I continued to get healthier in my mind regarding nutrition and exercise, no longer restricting/binging and exercising in a healthier, lower impact manner. 

In November 2015, I had a severe injury that required surgery and a long recovery. Through this process, I have confirmed that my body is on my side, and in order to have a healthy relationship with it, I must treat it with respect and give it what it actually needs (rest,recovery, kindness, eating intuitively, NOT forcing anything)....not what I *think* it SHOULD need (restriction, strict rules, crazy intense exercise) .

Through my experience in the past 10 years, I have learned so much about myself, and the human body in general. We MUST take care of them if we want them to serve us for 30, 40, 50 more years.

Let me walk with you on your journey to a healthier relationship with food, exercise, and healthy habits, in general!

As with anything, if you have any questions, I'd love love LOVE to talk about any of this further. Thank you for reading my story!