Here's what my clients have said:

I've been working out with Susannah for almost a year now, and my body fat has decreased significantly (I forgave her for my first week, after which I could barely walk!) She tailors the workout to what I want and need and having a private one-on-one setting is the best way for me to get results. She also has great tips for nutrition, even for a vegetarian like me.                                                                              ~Marie M.

Back in August I weighed almost 280 lbs and was in the worst shape of my life.  My diet was terrible and exercise was almost non-existent.  I knew I wanted to lose weight and get healthy, but I had no idea where to start.  Susannah helped me create a road map for success.  She even went shopping with me at the grocery store and educated me about what FUEL I should be putting into my body.  She is great to workout with one on one or a small crowd!  I have lost over 30 lbs and have more muscle tone than ever.  She is very motivating!  5 stars for sure!                                                                                                                              ~Randy V.

Our son introduced us to Susannah last year around the holidays. We live in Eugene, so it was a bit of a challenge to work long distance, but she was very willing and enthusiastic about working with us in spite of the distance. She set up a routine for me, and I followed it and noticed great results in my strength and flexibility. She also talked to me a lot about diet and provided resources to look into. I did a lot of research into a healthier way of eating. Didn't change my diet drastically, but I'm considering it now - I'm a slow learner.

I love Susannah's enthusiasm - it is contagious and it makes you believe that you really can change your life and get fit and healthy. She's a great role model!                                                                                      ~Christine W.

Susannah always intuitively knows what I need.  I am a long distance client, and through text and calls I get a new, fun workout.  I see my results in both strength and conditioning- I feel great!  We discuss nutrition and share ideas, this is helpful if feeding just myself or my whole family.  Susannah offers me invaluable coaching on keeping to my fitness and nutrition plans!                                                                                      ~Cheryl B.

Susannah  is simply a great personal trainer. She has helped my wife and I realize once again that personal health and wellness should be made a priority and has helped us both get stronger, leaner, and healthier.  She takes the success of her clients seriously and checks in with us on days we don't see her and provides motivation when we need. I recommend her highly to anybody, of any fitness level, seeking to enhance their physical well being.                                                                                                                                    ~Jason T.

Susannah is an amazing trainer and a real source of inspiration. She has succeeded in transforming my fitness routine- particularly challenging given my travel schedule. Her workouts are creative and tough! -3% body fat in less than 3 months speaks for itself.                                                                                                     ~Kristen L.

I have gone to Susannah for over 2 years and her level of enthusiasm for training me has never wavered.  She makes the workouts challenging, but fun and very motivating.  Not only does she assist with exercises and weights, but she also helps with my overall nutrition and health.  She knows how to work around any injuries I may have and is always concerned with how I feel and allows me to go at a pace that is comfortable for me.  She definitely puts the “personal” in personal training!  I’m very happy that I made the decision to workout with her as I have noticed big changes in my physique, endurance levels, and even my confidence.   ~Lori B.